Why We Exist

It is an unfortunate fact that the past few years have seen an unprecedented rise in the number of law enforcement officers slain in the line of duty . Police departments, police organizations, police families, have all given so much to all of us. We exist to protect and serve the families of those who protect and serve.

Every 2 days an officer loses his life in the line of duty. Most of these officers come from a town or county you have never heard of, and his or her death will not be on the front page of the New York Times. Of the 21,000 law enforcement departments in the US, the overwhelming majority have never had an officer killed in the line of duty. And as such, when they do, they don't know who to turn to for assistance.

The BOHMF is one of the resources, as identified by the Bureau of Assistance, a component of the Department of Justice, available to assist the departments and families in identifying all the federal and state benefits that are available. We are a pro-active organization that contacts the department that has had and officer down within 24 hours to provide them the information they need. Most of the officers come from departments that don't simply do not have the resources to engage in casualty planning, or to proffer a team of lawyers to assist the surviving families should problems arise in obtain benefits.. Police everywhere are brothers in arms, and the Trustees of the Badge of Honor Foundation serve, and we exist, to perpetuate that brotherhood where it is most needed.

The widow of a slain officer should not be bogged down in paperwork. The daughter of a slain officer should not have to forego college because there was nobody aware of and experienced in filling out the forms needed to lock in payment of her education costs. An already overworked police department should not have to pass the hat for a family -- they have given enough. We exist to serve as their advocates, and to give back and express the gratitude we all feel for taking our safety for granted.