BOHMF Adds Two New Faculty Members to Training Program

15 November 2017


The Badge of Honor Memorial Foundation’s (BOHMF) President & CEO, David Blanchard, officially announced today that the Foundation will be expanding the faculty to the Foundation’s highly regarded, “Officer Down! Are You Prepared? Is Your Department Prepared?" training program workshops.

The Foundation will be adding two new faculty members:

Assistant Chief Bobby Deal (Ret.) Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department: Bobby is a Founding Trustee of the BOHMF and has served as a Trustee for 14 years. He is a former Board of Directors Member for the FOP Lodge 5-30, and also served on the National FOP Health and Welfare Committee. Bobby served as a Trustee on the $1.3B Jacksonville Police & Fire Pension Fund for 17 years.

Captain Skip Murphy (Ret.) San Diego Sheriff’s Department: Skip is a Founding Executive Committee Member and Trustee of the BOHMF, having served for 15 years. Skip is also a former President of the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC). For the past 26 years, he has served as a Trustee for the $12B San Diego County Employees’ Retirement Association, with 12 terms as their Board Chairman.

“Bobby and Skip’s addition to the Training Faculty will continue the Foundation’s commitment to excellence with their extensive pension and death benefits knowledge and allow us to expand our training schedule.” said Mr. Blanchard.

BOHMF will be expanding the training program to include, schedule permitting, Directors of the state retirement agencies which typically administer their state Public Safety (PS) death benefits in the Foundation’s highly regarded workshop, which the Foundation has presented to over 4000 command staff officers in the past 3 years. Through Mr. Blanchard’s day-to-day involvement and personal relationships with these top state retirement systems, he will continue his efforts to procure the Directors from these agencies to participate with BOHMF, as was done at the Alabama, New Mexico and Mississippi FBINAA Retrainer Conferences.

“This service is exclusive to the Foundation training program and provides the states with the opportunity to meet with command staff, which they are encouraged to do, but have limited opportunities to do so. It also provides command staff with the rare opportunity to engage directly with the agencies that administer the PS Benefits on a one-on-one basis and exchange direct contact information. Over the past 10 years, many command staff officers have shared their experiences regarding their unsuccessful attempts to obtain answers to questions regarding state death benefits and/or education issues. After meeting with their state Director, several of whom had outstanding issues dating back a couple of years, they were able to successfully resolve those issues with one conversation”, stated Mr. Blanchard.

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