2017 Board of Trustees

Chief Gary Stiles, Chairman
  Chief of Police
   Fulton County Police Department (GA)
  FBI NA Graduate

Detective Ken Hauser (Ret.)
City of Chicago Police Department
Trustee – City of Chicago Policemen's Annuity and Benefit Fund

Assistant Chief Bobby Deal (Ret.)
Jacksonville Sheriff's Department
Former Trustee – Jacksonville Police and Fire Pension Fund

Sergeant Jim Wurm (Ret.)
St. Louis Police Department
Trustee – St. Louis Police Retirement Fund

Sheriff Brian Hawthorne
Chamber County Sheriff's Department
Former President – DPS Officers Association (DPSOA)

Captain Ken Burnett (Ret.)
Kansas City Police Department
Former Trustee – Kansas City Police Employees' Retirement Systems

Sergeant Richard M. Tiran
Nevada Department of Public Safety
President – Nevada Peace Officers Associations (NPOA)

Deputy Darryl Walker
Detective/Parole Officer
Alameda County Probation Department
Trustee – Alameda County ERS

Lieutenant Steve Olish (Ret.) - 1st Alternate
St. Louis Police Department
Executive Director – Police Retirement System of St. Louis

Assistant Chief Harry Griffin (Ret.)
San Antonio Police Department
Trustee-San Antonio Police and Fire Pension Fund
Trustee-San Antonio Employee Retirement System

Sergeant Pat Lynch (Ret.)
Tampa Police Department (FL)
Former Trustee-Tampa Police Retirement System

Director Rick Pyle
Town of Highland Park DPS (TX)
Dallas County Sheriffs Academy Advisories Board
FBI NA Graduate

Chief M. Vance Rice
Mississippi State University Police Department (MS)
FBI NA Graduate

Detective Harry Hatch (Ret.)
San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department
Trustee – San Bernardino County ERS

Officer Terry Bratton
Houston Police Department
Trustee – Houston Police Officer's Pension System

Sergeant Darrick Ross
Metropolitan Police Department of DC
Trustee – DC Retirement System
FOP Vice Chairman of DC Metro PD Labor Committee

Captain Bob Stef
Aurora (Metro Denver) Police Department
Treasurer – Aurora Police Department Orphan's Fund
FBI NA Graduate

Captain E. F. "Skip" Murphy (Ret.)
San Diego County Sheriffs Department
Trustee – San Diego County Employee Retirement System

Major Theodore I. Weintraub (Ret.)
Baltimore Police Department
Trustee – Baltimore Fire and Police Employees' Retirement System

Lieutenant Shaun J. McColgan
Danbury Police Department
Former Trustee – City of Danbury Retirement Fund

Major Darryl L. Anderson (Ret.)
Ohio State Highway Patrol
Former Trustee – Ohio State Highway Patrol Retirement System

Sergeant Dexter Cunningham
Birmingham Police Department (AL)
Trustee – City of Birmingham Employees Retirement and Relief System

Deputy Sheriff Eulalio Gomez
Fresno Sheriff’s Department
Trustee – Fresno County Employee Retirement System

Commander Tracy Towner
Ventura County District Attorney’s Office
Trustee-Ventura County Employee Retirement System

Sergeant Ken Haben
Dallas Police Department (TX)
Trustee-Dallas Police and Fire Pension System

Commander Doug Newman
Commander, Criminal Investigations Division
Port of Seattle Police Department
FBI NA Graduate