2013 Board of Trustees

Assistant Chief Gary Stiles, Chairman
Fulton County Police
Trustee – Fulton County Employees' Retirement System

Detective Ken Hauser (Ret.)
City of Chicago Police Department
Trustee – City of Chicago Policemen's Annuity and Benefit Fund

Assistant Chief Bobby Deal
Jacksonville Sheriff's Department
Trustee – Jacksonville Police and Fire Pension Fund

Trooper Paul E. Cesan
Massachusetts State Police
Trustee – MA Pension Reserves Investment Mgmt. Board
Treasurer – State Police Association of MA

Sergeant Jim Wurm (Ret.)
St. Louis Police Department
Trustee – St. Louis Police Retirement Fund

Sergeant Brian Hawthorne
Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)
Former President – DPS Officers Association (DPSOA)

Captain Ken Burnett (Ret.)
Kansas City Police Department
Trustee – Kansas City Police Employees' Retirement Systems

Detective Marty Pottebaum (Ret.)
Sioux City Police Department
Trustee – Iowa Police & Fire Pension Fund

Sergeant Richard M. Tiran
Nevada Department of Public Safety
President – Nevada Peace Officers Associations (NPOA)

Deputy Darryl Walker
Detective/Parole Officer
Alameda County Probation Department
Trustee – Alameda County ERS

Lieutenant Steve Olish (Ret.) - 1st Alternate
St. Louis Police Department
Executive Director – Police Retirement System of St. Louis

Assistant Chief Harry Griffith (Ret.)
San Antonio Police Department Trustee

Detective Harry Hatch (Ret.)
San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department
Trustee – San Bernardino County ERS

Officer Terry Bratton
Houston Police Department
Trustee – Houston Police Officer's Pension System

Sergeant Darrick Ross
Metropolitan Police Department of DC
Trustee – DC Retirement System
FOP Vice Chairman of DC Metro PD Labor Committee

Captain Bob Stef
Aurora (Metro Denver) Police Department
Treasurer – Aurora Police Department Orphan's Fund

Captain E. F. "Skip" Murphy (Ret.)
San Diego County Sheriffs Department
Trustee – San Diego County Employee Retirement System

Officer Jay Smith
Orlando Police Department
Trustee – Orlando Police & Fire Pension System

Major Theodore I. Weintraub (Ret.)
Baltimore Police Department
Trustee – Baltimore Fire and Police Employees' Retirement System

Lieutenant Shaun J. McColgan
Danbury Police Department
Trustee – City of Danbury Retirement Fund

Officer Brian Burry (Ret)
Fresno Police Department
Vice Chair – Fresno Fire and Police Retirement System

Major Darryl L. Anderson (Ret.)
Trustee – Ohio State Highway Patrol Retirement System

Sergeant Dexter Cunningham
Birmingham Police Department (AL)
Trustee – City of Birmingham Employees Retirement and Relief System

Sergeant Pat Lynch
Tampa Police Department (FL)