2017 Officers 


Executive Officers

David Blanchard
President & CEO
President – Investment Management Advisors

Sergeant Jack Gaffigan (Ret.)
Executive Director
St. Louis Police 
Former Trustee – St. Louis Police Retirement System

James W. Comstock 
1st Vice President
Major General AUS (Ret.)

Steve Pinto, CPA
Wurdemann Associates


Dave Bergman
Vice President 
Global Transitions Solutions 

Lynsey Branaugh
Executive Assistant
The Badge of Honor Memorial Foundation

Military & Veterans Benefits Committee

James W. Comstock-Director
Major General AUS (Ret.)

Colonel Terry Sopher
Army National Guard – National Guard Liaison

Sergeant Major Judy Harford
USAR – US Army Reserve Liaison

Command Sergeant Major Philip Kraus (Ret.)
VA Specialist

Major Adam Siegler
USAR – JAG Officer

Education Committee

Sandie Doptis, Chairman
Reserve Officer, Metro DC Police Department (Ret.)

Steering Committee

Paul Troup – Chairman
Executive Vice President (ret.)
Callan Associates

Theodore J. Deutz
Promontary Palms, LLC

Todd Poindexter – Regional Director
Founder & CEO
Source Consulting Worldwide Ltd UK

Mark Tower
Lyxor Asset Management