Captain John Driscoll
New York City Police Department
President - Captain's Endowment Association
Trustee - New York City Police Retirement System
Sergeant Paul Page
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Police Managers and Supervisors Association

Detective Rick Tirelli
New York City Police Department
Secretary - Detective's Endowment Association
Trustee- New York City Police Retirement System
Detective Ken Hauser
Chicago Police Department
Trustee- Policemen's Annuity and Benefit Fund

Sergeant Brian Hawthorne
Texas Department of Public Safety
President - Department of Public Safety Officers Asso.
Sergeant Jack Gaffigan
St. Louis Police Department
Trustee - St. Louis Police Pension Fund
Lieutenant Bobby Deal
Jacksonville Sheriff's Department
Trustee - Jacksonville Police and Fire Pension Fund
Lieutenant Bob Stef
Denver Aurora Metropolitan Police Department
Treasurer - DAPD Widow's & Orphans Fund
Chief Linda Liozzo
North Miami Beach Police Department
Trustee - North Miami Beach Police and Fire Pension Fund
Director - National Criminal Justice Association
Major Gary Stiles
Fulton County Police Department
Trustee - Fulton County Retirement System

Sergeant Darrick Ross
DC Metropolitan Police Department
Trustee - DC Retirement Fund
Sergeant John Pels
Sonoma County Sheriff's Department
Trustee - Sonoma County ERS
Captain Ken Burnett (Ret.)
Kansas City Police Department
Trustee - Kansas City Police Employee’s Retirement Systems
Officer Tom Simonds
San Diego Police Department
Director - California Police Officer's Memorial Fund
Detective Harry Hatch
San Bernardino Co. Sheriff’s Department
Trustee – San Bernardino County ERS
Lieutenant David Benelli
New Orleans Police
President- Police Association of New Orleans
Commander Walter Smith (Ret.)
Louisiana State Police
Trustee - Louisiana State Police Pension Fund
Sergeant Michael Howard
Tampa Police Department
Trustee - City of Tampa Firefighters and Police Retirement Fund