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Large police departments have numerous policies and procedures that commence immediately when an officer is killed. However, the majority of deaths are not among departments located in the most densely populated cities. Smaller departments represent the greatest percentage of officer casualties.

The Board of Trustees is comprised primarily of 16 senior officers from large police departments, sheriff’s departments, and state police departments. Proficient in pension and disability benefits, all trustees are either on their respective police, city, or county pension boards and/or hold leadership roles within their police associations. The trustees have territorial roles for the Foundation that utilize their relationships within the police community to identify officers killed in their region. When there is a fatality in their region, the trustee notifies the Foundation, which in turn contacts the respective department. All legal efforts and activities are supervised by the Board and the Foundation’s general counsel, which assist the families in document completion. In the purest sense, it is “cops helping cops”.
At all levels, law enforcement agencies across America are protecting our values, beliefs, and traditions. There are over 850,000 law enforcement officers defending these American rights. This country is dependent upon the bravery and commitment of these valued men and women who protect our communities, our businesses, and our lives.

Fraught with danger, any given moment of a police officer’s day could prove fatal. Sobering statistics cite that a police officer is killed in the line of duty approximately every 53 hours. We gain strength by their self-sacrificing deeds and actions. At the expense of their lives, they protect ours.

The Badge of Honor Memorial Foundation helps those families, who as a result of a law enforcement officer’s death, are enduring personal hardship. The Foundation acts as a “watchdog” organization for the widows and children of these fallen police officers, assuring they receive the statutory benefits due them.

The Badge of Honor Memorial Foundation is a national tax-exempt organization operating under Section 501(c)(3) I.R.C.
whose key infrastructure operates out of Washington D.C. Tax exempt DLN number: 17053043061044.